Era of Althea Snap tier list (September 2023)

Era of Althea Snap tier list

If you’re unsure of which magic types are best in Era of Althea, our Snap tier list will help you to decide which to prioritise this month in September 2023.

Era of Althea is a popular Roblox role-playing game where players explore to complete quests, defeat various bosses, and collect new gear to improve. The game’s magic system is a big part of the experience, allowing you to learn Snaps, forms of magic that range from Necromancy to Gravity.

So, keep reading for our ranking of the best magic types with our Era of Althea Snap tier list for September 2023

Era of Althea Snap tier list


Era of Althea Snap tier list

There are 21 Snaps – or magic types – in Era of Althea, with each having different roles to play when used in combat, ranging from straight damage to crowd control, support, and much more.

Each type of magic has its own strengths and weaknesses, but some clearly rise above the rest due to their potential use. Here’s our full Era of Althea Snap tier list:

Tier Snap
S Tier Necromancy, Time, Gravity, Anti-Magic
A Tier Sound, Spatial, Heavenly Body, Trap, Star, Explosion
B Tier Compose, Frost, Wind, Water, Demon, Shadow
C Tier Fire, Dark, Light, Healing, Lightning
How to get Snaps in Era of Althea


How to get Snaps in Era of Althea
Snaps have different tiers of rarity in Era of Althea, making the better ones more difficult to acquire, however, you can earn nearly all of them through the re-roll system, where you roll to replace one Snap with a new one.

Here are the percentage chances we know about when it comes to earning the different Snaps that can be gained from a re-roll:

  • 1% – Time, Gravity, Anti-Magic
  • 3.5% – Shadow, Star, Spatial, Demon, Sound
  • 5% – Compose, Heavenly Body
  • 15% – Explosion, Healing, Frost
  • 65% – Dark, Light, Fire, Water, Wind
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How to get the Necromancy Snap in the Era of Althea

How to get the Necromancy Snap in the Era of Althea

Necromancy is the only Snap you can’t earn from re-rolls, as it requires you to take some specific steps for it to drop.

To earn Necromancy, you will need to start a quest on the Alfa Kingdom Request board, which will task you with defeating a Bone Tyrant. They are located in the Town of Toku, and when fighting the boss, you will need to have the Dark Snap equipped. This makes it, so the boss has a chance to drop Necromancy after being defeated.

That’s all for our Era of Althea Snap tier list, and now you know the best Snap magic in the game, along with how to get the various Snap types. For more Roblox content, check out our Roblox homepage, or check out our rundown of the spawn locations in Blox Fruits.

S-Tier Heroes

The S-Tier heroes in Era of Althea Snap are the cream of the crop, the champions who can turn the tide of battle in your favour on their own. This season’s prominent S-Tier heroes include:

1. Solaris, the Radiant Guardian

Solaris, the Radiant Guardian, continues to shine as an S-Tier hero. Her powerful healing abilities and crowd control make her a must-have addition to any team. In the hands of a skilled player, Solaris can carry a squad to victory.

2. Zephyr, the Tempest Archer

Zephyr’s precise long-range attacks and exceptional mobility place her firmly in the S-Tier. She can harass opponents from a distance and escape danger with ease, making her an invaluable asset.

3. Aegis, the Indomitable Knight

Aegis’s unmatched tankiness and ability to soak up damage make him a staple in most teams. He’s the shield that protects your squad, allowing your damage dealers to do their job.

4. Luna, the Moonlight Assassin

Luna’s burst damage potential is unmatched in the current meta. Her agility and evasion make her incredibly elusive, making it difficult for opponents to pin her down.

A-Tier Heroes

While S-Tier heroes are the stars of the show, A-Tier heroes are no slouches either. They can turn the tide of battle and are excellent additions to most teams. Here are some notable A-Tier heroes:

1. Terra, the Earthshaker

Terra’s ability to control the battlefield with her stunning earth-based spells is a valuable asset. She can disrupt the enemy’s plans and create opportunities for your team to strike.

2. Inferno, the Firebrand Mage

Inferno’s fiery spells bring immense AoE damage to the table. His ability to clear waves and eliminate groups of enemies makes him a strong pick in many scenarios.

3. Astrid, the Starcaller

Astrid’s versatility in both support and damage-dealing roles makes her a valuable addition to your team. She can adapt to various situations, which is a significant advantage in Era of Althea Snap.

B-Tier Heroes

B-Tier heroes are solid picks that can perform well when used correctly. While they may not have the raw power of S and A-Tier heroes, they are reliable options for most players. Here are a few B-Tier heroes to consider:

1. Thorne, the Shadowblade

Thorne excels in stealth and surprise attacks. He can catch opponents off guard and eliminate key targets with ease.

2. Seraphina, the Angelic Healer

Seraphina is a reliable support hero with healing abilities that can keep your team in the fight. While she may not deal much damage, her sustainability is invaluable.

C-Tier Heroes

C-Tier heroes are the lower end of the spectrum, and while they may not be the best choices for competitive play, they can still be fun to experiment with in casual matches. Use them wisely and adapt to the situation:

1. Grom, the Goliath

Grom’s brute strength can be appealing, but his lack of mobility and susceptibility to crowd control make him a risky pick in the current meta.

2. Selene, the Starcaster

Selene’s star-based spells are visually stunning, but their impact in battle leaves much to be desired. She may not be the most efficient choice for competitive play.

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